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Gift from the Meadow

Gift from the Meadow


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<Made to Order>

Just as if they had been picked from a meadow, this natural handtied bouquet includes branches as well as delicate flowers and foliage.


The bouquet is created to make the most of the natural curves and characteristics of each material and has a soft, fluid feel.


Perfect to enjoy at home or give as a gift.

  • Size

    This product is available in 4 sizes, S, M, L, XL. Materials and volume vary by type.


    The photo is an example of M size.


    Floral Materials

    The photo is for illustration only.

    The actual bouquet will have a similar look and feel, however actual materials may vary as we source the best quality seasonal flowers available at the time of each order.


    A card indicating the materials used as well as tips for caring for your flowers will be included.


    * The photo shows a display example. Please note decorative items other than the flowers are not included as part of the product.


    Product Life

    5-7 days.


    *May vary depending on the materials used as well as the environment in which they are displayed.

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