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About Us

Based in Tokyo, Curiosity Flower Design Studio provides lessons and workshops in flower design, as well as unique, stylish fresh flower arrangements, bouquets and floral decorations for any occasion, for personal and corporate gifts.

Flowers have an incredible and enduring ability to brighten a room, bring a smile to the face, relax and refresh the mind and connect people together.  That's why, having experienced the benefits first hand, we established Curiosity with the desire for more people to be able to share the same experience. 


As babies, we are all blessed with an ample dose of curiosity but often we forget to use it as we grow older. Yet it is just that interest in all things different that drives creativity and generates new experiences.  Few would disagree that flowers themselves are inherently beautiful.  We have only to look around us to see plenty of evidence for this. However, with a little curiosity and creative manipulation, those same flowers can take on an entirely different look, and display another kind of beauty. 


As chemist Linus Pauling once said, "Satisfaction of one's curiosity is one of the greatest sources of happiness in life."  We truly hope you will gain as much enjoyment and satisfaction from interacting with nature’s beautiful gifts as we do!​

And just in case you are wondering after seeing our logo, of course we love flowers, but yes, we love cats as well!

Yokohama Flowers & Tableware Exhibition
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Our Designs

All our designs feature carefully selected seasonal flowers and foliage.  Drawing inspiration from a combination of English country landscapes and the attention to detail, subtleness and effective use of space integral to Japanese aesthetics, our designs are characterised by a delicate, natural stylishness, and we always aim to bring out the best of each flower used.  True to our name, we are always curious and seeking to find new and innovative ways to work with natural materials and to share our discoveries with our clients.


Finishing touches including handmade labels, natural wrapping and accents/decorations give our designs a truly unique character.


Curiosity is owned by Sally Newnham.  Born and raised in Kent, England, she developed a keen interest in Japan from an early age and moved to Japan in 1989 after graduating with a degree in chemistry from London University's Imperial College.  She has been a resident of Tokyo for 30+ years.

A successful career in the demanding and ever-changing airline distribution and IT industry also brought with it a desire for effective ways to relax as well as to further develop her creativity.   Enter flower design. She began studying flower design as a hobby from 2003 at Mami Flower Design School, the first professional flower design school established in Japan, and has never looked back since.

After earning the school's Instructor's Certificate in 2012, she began teaching flower design at the school's main branch and additionally now runs lessons and workshops on behalf of various institutions across Tokyo, bringing her love of flowers and her own brand of humour and multicultural experience to each.


Her works have been featured in various industry magazines and she actively participates in flower design exhibitions and other events, such as the Yokohama Flowers and Tableware in Harmony event.

Photo courtesy of NHK ETV

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