Designer's Xmas Wreath

Designer's Xmas Wreath


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A lovely fresh wreath inspired by fascinating nuts and berries scattered throughout a wintry woodland.


The wreath uses a base of fresh and fragrant evergreens interspersed with a variety of berries and native flowers and is finished with Curiosity's unique natural touch.


The wreath has a particularly comforting feel based as it is upon natural earth colours. Although it is a Xmas wreath, it can be enjoyed regardless of season.


Ideal for your home or as a seasonal gift for someone special.


  • Size

    Diameter approx. 30cm


    Floral Materials

    The photos are for illustration only.

    The actual materials vary as we source the best quality seasonal flowers available at the time of each order.

    A card indicating the materials used as well as tips for caring for your flowers will be included.


    Product Life

    The wreath will dry naturally and can be enjoyed for several months beyond Xmas if desired.