The Spiral

The Spiral


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A highly unique, Curiosity original wreath of lemon leaves.

The spiral shape and the curly wisps from the leaves are so cute!


This wreath uses more than 150 leaves, each of which is carefully removed from the stem one by one and then lovingly crafted into a spiral and combined with tiny delicate flowers.


Perfect to adorn your door or wall, and sure to create a talking point if given as a gift!

  • Size

    Approx. 30cm x 25cm


    Floral Materials

    The photos are for illustration only.

    The product will have a similar look and feel, however the flowers may vary as we source the best quality seasonal materials available at the time of each order.


    If you have a colour preference, please add a note in the comments section when placing your order.


    A card indicating the materials used as well as tips for caring for your flowers will be included.


    * The photo is a display example. Please note decorative items other than the flowers are not included as part of the product.


    Product Life

    As the materials selected will dry over time, the product can be enjoyed for several months ~ 1 year with proper care.