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Designer's Box

Designer's Box


Prices displayed exclude delivery charges.


<Made to Order>

Made by our Curiosity designer using fresh seasonal materials specially selected for each client's purpose.


Why not convey your special message via flowers packed beautifully into the box!


Arranged in a black box, this stylish arrangement with a touch of luxury is always a winner, whether it's given for a birthday, wedding anniversary, marriage proposal, shop or company anniversary, new home celebration etc.,


Flowers are inserted in floral foam so the arrangement can be enjoyed 'as is' even if the recipient has no vase available.

  • Size

    M type: L17cm x W17cm x H8cm

    L type: L23cm x W23cm x H8cm


    Materials and volume vary by type.


    Floral Materials

    The photos are for illustration only.

    The actual materials vary as we source the best quality seasonal flowers available at the time of each order.


    If you have a request for a particular colour, please indicate your preference in the notes section when placing your order.


    A card indicating the materials used as well as tips for caring for your flowers will be included.


    * The photos show display examples. Please note decorative items other than the flowers are not included as part of the product.


    Product Life

    5-7 days.

    *May vary depending on the materials used as well as the environment in which they are displayed.


    Box Lid

    The arrangement is normally delivered with the box lid closed to enhance the surprise. However please note that during the summer months the lid is left open to keep the flowers fresh. Thank you for your understanding.

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